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Buy Vardenafil Without Prescription, When I first heard your new material, I immediately thought of Early Prince and 80’s funk, yet there are clearly modern influences as well, like Justin Timberlake/D’Angelo, and even some references to your work with Funkstörung. Were you thinking of any of these specific musical styles while creating “DOS”?
I actually just wanted to try out new things… didn’t want to do another Funkstörung-like record, Vardenafil dose. Vardenafil from mexico, For me it’s important not to repeat myself. The main concept for “DOS” was doing a rough funk record with loads of electronics in it, australia, uk, us, usa. Herbal Vardenafil, Initially I wanted the album to have a few instrumentals, a few vocal tracks with different singers, Vardenafil dosage, Online Vardenafil without a prescription, and even a few hip-hop songs (I recorded two songs with High Priest from Anti Pop Consortium); but then the songs with Taprikk came out so great, I decided to do the whole album with him and throw all other ideas overboard, cheap Vardenafil no rx.

What do you call your style of music?
Hmmm… high tech funk, Buy Vardenafil Without Prescription. Vardenafil use, I don’t know… isn’t it up to you journalists to invent names for music styles. ;-)

Who do you hope will pick up your album and groove to it?
Anyone… I like loads of different music styles, online buying Vardenafil, Buy generic Vardenafil, so I hope our fans do too.

I notice a lot of very progressive design styles in the projects you participate in, Vardenafil reviews. Vardenafil trusted pharmacy reviews, How does design play a part of your music-making process. Do you have any artists work in mind while conceptualizing the album? Buy Vardenafil Without Prescription, Design has always been very important for me. I can’t understand other musicians putting loads of time and effort into producing their songs, cheap Vardenafil, Vardenafil samples, but not taking any care of a good design. I think good artwork is really important, get Vardenafil, Order Vardenafil from mexican pharmacy, even in the times of downloading mp3’s.

On “DOS” my friend, purchase Vardenafil, Vardenafil without prescription, Sebastian Onufszak (In Graphics We Trust), started designing the sleeve at almost the same moment we started producing the album, doses Vardenafil work, Vardenafil duration, so he developed the artwork in parallel to the music. By the way, get Vardenafil, Vardenafil no prescription, we are almost finished with our DVD ‘videos’ featuring videos for all the album tracks…


Are you planning on touring the US.
Not yet, but we will see…

Who would you love to tour with, Buy Vardenafil Without Prescription. Why?
Anyone we get along well with, Vardenafil from canada, Vardenafil dangers, it’s much more important touring with nice people than having a famous pop star to support. Ok, comprar en línea Vardenafil, comprar Vardenafil baratos, Online buy Vardenafil without a prescription, ok, you want names: Jamie Lidell, where can i find Vardenafil online, Buy Vardenafil without prescription, Cristian Vogel, Chromeo, Vardenafil without prescription, Buy Vardenafil no prescription, Hey Willpower, Kid Acne, Vardenafil coupon, Buy Vardenafil from mexico, Depth Charge, and Emperor Machine

How much does fashion play a part of your stage performances?
Fashion doesn’t play any role, Vardenafil maximum dosage, Vardenafil pictures, we are not George Clinton in the early 80’s ;-)...I know fashion and funk belong together somehow, but we think that’s a concept not fitting to “DOS”’, after Vardenafil.

Since you live in Germany, do you also have German-language versions of your songs?
Ha-ha… no, German sounds awful I think ;-) ...although it would be funny.

It seems that almost all of your songs could translate to other genres, are you planning any club remixes, or alternate versions?
I am not really planning any alternative versions, but I am open for anything. Buy Vardenafil Without Prescription, Yeah, you are right; most of the songs could work as acoustic versions, rock versions, techno versions, or whatever, “DOS” has many influences, so you could definitely interpret the songs from different views.

Who are the people who influence you the most?
My wife and my kid ;-) Musically, I am really inspired by Taprikk Sweezee… honestly. I also like DC Recordings, Lex, Big Dada, Warp, Old Plug Research, Hefty, Ghostly,...even a few Timbaland productions or Neptunes. I know Taprikk is really into Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, very old Prince stuff, Ed Banger and even hardcore, as his first bands were hardcore. Anyway, there is too much good stuff out there.

Do you buy it at all or snatch it off the internet?
Of course I get a lot of promos, but all the rest I buy as mp3’s from

How does your style as a person influence your music?
Clothes or the way I talk doesn’t influence my music, but of course the way I think has some effect on music. I think a lot, so my music is very detailed, but I am also quite balanced (I love doing mad music, but I am also a family guy), so you will always find a balance in my songs (maybe: cold detailed electronics vs. beautiful melodies or soulful voices).


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